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Major fire damage re-build

Article courtesy of The Desert Sun

Close to 100 Coachella Valley Rescue Mission residents were displaced by a March 11, 2009 fire. What do some DCA members do in this crisis during a down economy? Jump in and use their skills and time to help others in need.

Palm Desert-based Orr Builders assembled workers from 15 subcontractors and suppliers who worked around the clock to restore the fire-ravaged building.

It's like 'Extreme Makeover.' It's amazing. said Sue Meyers, director of operations with the mission. We knew the community would support us, but we had no idea the depth.

We started Tuesday and wanted to give it to them the next Tuesday night, Orr said. To make it happen in seven days, between 80 and 100 people worked double shifts around the clock to repair and rebuild the damaged portion of the building.

The March 11 electrical fire gutted and one-third of the homeless shelter and sent more than 90 people to temporary shelters.

Accoridng to Cal Fire, CVRM sustained $250,000 worth of damage, while firefighters were able to salvage $500,000 of the facility.

The mission's food storage pantries, the laundry room, maintenance room and second floor offices were all damaged or destroyed. And the chapel, kitchen and dining area all sustained water damage.

By March 12th, the legion of contractors and suppliers was abuzz, pounding in nails, pouring concrete and replacing ceiling tiles.

They'll have a nicer facility than they had (before), said Greg Tropea, General Contactor with Orr Builders. All the subcontractors and suppliers working on the projects working on the projects have worked for or are familiar with Orr.

We put out calls for help and they were all respnsive, said Tropea. Under normal circumstances, teh rebuilding project and permitting process could take up to six months to complete, Orr said. But he didn't want to see the residents displaced for that long.

The project was fast-tracked with the help of county building officials and Holt Architects, which drew up the plans.

The project with labor, permits and supplies would normaly cost around $600,000, Orr said. Everybody is kind of giving a discount. We're hoping that at the end of the day it's not going to cost us (more than) $200,000, Orr said.

His company is covering that cost. Construction has been good to me and it's time to give back, Orr said.

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