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75-046 Gerald Ford Dr.
Palm Desert, CA 92260
Metal studs/drywall T.I.
3,400 sq. ft.

Goody´s Café T.I. has finally been completed and the facility is now open to the public after 15 weeks of hard work.

Many thanks to all the subcontractors involved to make this happen. The result came to be the best of the three Goody's Café locations so far in the desert. The warm colors are inviting to have a good breakfast, lunch or dinner in a quiet environment with great views.

The very characteristic homestyle food and the simplicity of its Greek owner and great business vision will make this restaurant a preference choice for any customer.

In this tight economy, giving our clients high quality products and great service will keep us busy. I'm inviting you to give that extra mile every time and in every activity that each one of us does to keep the Orr Builders Team together and successful.

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