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73-811 El Paseo
Palm Desert, CA 92211
6,062 sq. ft. first floor
956 sq. ft. second floor
Retail T.I.

Presage (definition "a presentiment of foreboding") ORR Builders took an existing building remodel, formerly Escada, and updated the façade to a newer contemporary look. The interiors were ready for a much needed and extensive facelift as well. The entire space was reengineered more electrically utilizing L.E.D lighting, new store front glass and doors, new bathroom facilities for their upscale customers utilizing glass tile floor to ceiling, audio and visual upgrades throughout the space promoting their fashion lines.

ORR also tore down the upstairs 2nd floor and built a private office and outdoor patios where the ownership can entertain clients or schedule outdoor functions throughout the year. One of the last items installed in November was structural components that where needed to support a Christmas Tree built with strings of lights similar to the one found on the west side of El Paseo and Highway 74, making a bookend experience when walking El Paseo east to west in beautiful Palm Desert.

39-301 Badger Street Suite 300 Palm Desert, CA 92211 760-360-6632 info@orrbuilders.com