Heartbeat at 22 — Mama's House Ministries
Palm Desert, CA 92260
Main House Remodel and Addition 1,917 sq. ft.
Building A 3 New Casitas 4,692 sq. ft.
Building B 2 New Casitas 3,058. sq. ft.
Site Work


3/6/2023 Concrete Pour
3/31/2023 Footings Pour Building C
4/7/2023 Concrete Pour Building B

Grant Toy Garages
39402 Berkey Drive
Palm Desert, CA 92211
Ground-Up/Concrete Tilt-Ups of Buildings A & B
23,400 sq. ft. each with 18 Car Garages
and Site Improvements

Beginning to Completion video


Kings Garden (April 2022 - June 2022)
63-795 19th Avenue
North Palm Springs, CA 92262
Two Concrete Tilt-up Buildings 87,127 sq. ft. each
One Metal Building 5,650 sq. ft.


Concrete Pour 1st Half Building #2 6-3-2022
Concrete Pour 2nd Half Building #2 6-10-2022


The Garden Fellowship Church
(February 2020 - December 2021)
38633 Jefferson Street
Indio, CA 92201
Ground-Up New Concrete Tilt-up and Steel Buildings:
Worship Building A 24,288 sq. ft. /
Kids Building B 8,320 sq. ft.

Progression to Completion

Sun Medical Professional Plaza
Building #2

78-010 Wildcat Drive
Palm Desert, CA 92211
14,3970 sq. ft. single-story
Concrete Tilt-up Building

Footings 3/9/2021
Concrete Wall Pour 3/18/2021
Concrete Wall Pour 4/5/2021
Concrete Wall Tilt-Up 4/14/2021


Miralon Amenity Center — Palm Springs
23,023 sq. ft. Five New Ground-up Buildings

Progress video 10-19-2020
Progress video 11-14-2019
Progress video 9-25-2019


Sunniva Production Campus — Cathedral City
486,000 sq. ft. total New Ground-up Distribution Center - Office Building

Production video 2-16-2019
Production video 9-25-2019

Sun Medical Professional Plaza Building #1 — Palm Desert
13,449 sq. ft. New Concrete Tilt-up Ground-up Medical Building

Progress video 11-11-2019
Production video 10-03-2019


PGA West Sports Club
3,045 sq. ft. Bar/Lounge / 2,346 sq. ft. Fist Floor / 2,673 sq. ft. Second Floor Multi-Purpose Room Resort addition/pool/spa/water play area/sports & putting course



UNIVERSITY VILLAGE PADS 5 & 6 - Concrete Walls Crane Lift
May 2016

ORR Builders ORR Builders began construction began in May of 2016 for University Village pads 5 & 6 office buildings, both with one section that is a two-story tower.

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May 2016

ORR Builders Desert Jet Center has broken ground on the newest fixed base operation (FBO) at the Jacqueline Cochran Regional Airport (KRTM).

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July 2014

ORR Builders began construction in January 2014 of the Desert Regional Medical Center UCR Health Family Medical Center (DRMC UCR) T.I. project in Palm Springs. The Grand Opening was held June 25, 2014.

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November 2012

Coachella Kidney Institute represents more than just a new health services amenity for the City of Coachella residents; it is the culmination of diligent work by a team that includes Dr. NarenChandrashekarand Dr. J.E. Chandra Shekar, developer Orr Builders, the City of Coachella and the Coachella Valley Enterprise Zone...

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January 2012

Trilogy La Quinta encompasses three small projects for Orr Builders. Each project consists of renovating all three existing buildings as well as adding square footage to improve functionality...

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January 2011

Shaw Properties and Beard Land Development Company held a ground breaking ceremony on January 20, 2011...

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CVRM Ground Breaking Ceremony
December 2010

The Ground Breaking Ceremony for the Coachella Valley Rescue Mission-CVRM was held Wednesday, 12/8...

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Who Says Pigs Can't Fly?
July 2010

The Coachella Valley is home to many famous and wealthy people...

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CVRM Thrift Store T.I.
June 2010

The Coachella Valley Rescue Mission (CVRM) Thrift Store is located on 6th St & Harrison in Coachella...

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21st Annual DCA Golf Tournament
May 2010

Brian Orr, Doug Montgomery, Scott Werry and Joe Garcia win 21st Annual DCA Golft Tournament

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Animal Samaritans
May 2010

The recently completed Animal Samaritans project is a fully accredited...

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Acclaim Medical Care
April 2010

Acclaim Medical Care Building T.I. project started construction on October 5, 2009 and should be complete early April...

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Ramona Medical Building
March 2010

Ramona Medical Building is comprised of two separate Shell structures. Building A is 8,891 sq. ft...

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J. Russell Salon
February 2010

J. Russell Salon T.I. relocation began October 1, 2009 and is scheduled to be completed for their Grand Opening February 1, 2010...

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Papa Mario´s Pizzeria
January 2010

Papa Mario’s Pizzeria T.I. began the first week of November located in The River in Rancho Mirage...

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Goody’s Café in Indio
December 2009

Another Goody´s Café located in Indio off 42nd Avenue & Jackson has been completed. The format of this T.I. was a duplicate from the location in Palm Desert on Cook Street...

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November 2009

The Firestone Store located in Palm Desert started pre-watering over the fourth of July weekend 2009, and was walked with the Architect for completion October 15th...

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Atria Hacienda
October 2009

Atria Hacienda is an existing complex located in the City of Palm Desert...

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Warehouse Distribution
September 2009

The Warehouse Distribution project is located in the city of Indio and is a light industrial facility...

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Safehouse of the Desert
August 2009

Orr Builders started construction on the Safehouse of the Desert June of 2006...

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July 2009

The recently completed Colonnade project is a two-story shell building...

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Sacred Heart Church and School
June 2009

Sacred Heart was a special client for Orr Builders. This was actually 3 projects in one consisting of...

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Tolerance Education Center
May 2009

The Tolerance Education Center is a facility designed to help educate ...

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CVRM Major Building Fire Repair
April 2009

Close to 100 Coachella Valley Rescue Mission residents were displaced...

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Windermere Real Estate- Rancho Mirage
April 2009

Goody’s Café T.I. has finally been completed and the facility is now open ...

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Goody´s Café in Palm Desert
March 2009

Goody’s Café T.I. has finally been completed and the facility is now open to the public...

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Valley Plaza Meats – Cathedral City & Indio
February 2009

Valley Plaza Meats located in Cathedral City started on-site construction in...

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Boys & Girls Club Teen Center in Indio
January 2009

We broke ground the latter part of 2008 on the Boys & Girls Club Teen Center in Indio...

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Trilogy La Quinta encompasses three small projects for Orr Builders. Each project consists of renovating all three existing buildings as well as adding square footage to improve functionality. The three projects are Arts and Crafts, new Storage and Aerobics expansion. Arts and Crafts consisted of demolition of the old sales and marketing offices for Trilogy Homes and converting the spaces to accommodate a potter’s wheel and a kiln to fire ceramics. The Home Owners Associations will also utilize the new Arts and Crafts area for art classes, cooking classes, and socials. ORR received the certificate of occupancy in November and the Association has already utilized the new facility with several art classes and a holiday party.

The New Storage facility will add 500 square feet for general facility storage. The new building is constructed with steel studs and stucco, shear walls on a concrete pad. The roof is Fibertite. The new landscape was installed to match existing landscaping.

The Aerobics expansion has been the most complicated and challenging project of the three. The aerobics facility is a 900 square foot addition which doubles the size of the existing aerobics room. The general construction materials and methods used for the storage facility were also used on the aerobics building.

There are both building challenges and on-site challenges for Trilogy. One building challenge for both the storage facility and aerobics expansion is the requirement of seismic separation. Even though the old building pad and the new building pad is constructed at the same elevation, the concrete was dowelled together to stabilize the transition of the old and the new concrete pads. In theory, the old and new pads will both move at the same rate and the storage floor and the aerobics floor will not crack or separate at the new concrete control joint. The transition from the existing buildings to the new buildings required a two inch air gap for storage and a three inch air gap for aerobics. Both storage and aerobics required specified weather stripping on all the interior transitional gaps and a sheet metal cap for each roof structure. Based on the architectural features and the construction materials the transition from the existing building to the new construction is seamless and appears as original construction.

Several on-site challenges have made this job interesting. ORR’s goal was to build the new aerobics outer shell prior to demolishing the existing wall that would open up the building to expand the aerobics room. ORR wanted to minimize any class disruption or displace the classes to the banquet room until we could not continue specific trades prior to demolition. ORR performed light demolition, forming concrete footings, pouring the concrete pad, installing all the structural steel, most of the roofing structure as well as some of the new interior walls until we were required to relocate classes. Classes moved to the banquet room December 1st. Final demolition was finished in 3 days.

Trilogy is a VERY active adult community. In addition to my responsibilities as Superintendant, I have also addressed tons of questions from the home owners about construction methods, schedule for completion and safety. Since Trilogy is so active, a clean job site is a must. It’s important to make sure all paths, walkways and parking stalls do not have obstructions or tripping hazards. Pedestrian control is the most critical. Sometimes ORR has to utilize a handicap parking stall to move material in and out of the site. This of course disrupts several homeowners and they are not shy with their suggestions where I should move the material or equipment. My response is usually “that’s a great suggestion; however, I am required to keep the emergency fire lane clear. The association has allowed me to utilize a handicap stall, so I do not block the fire access. The handicap stall is the best place to load and unload material, while keeping safety in mind. I ask if I can be of assistance”. The key is to ask with a smile. They usually decline the offer and are OK with the slight inconvenience.

I have been on-site since September. Each project seems to take on its own personality. It’s fun to get to know some of the home owners. There are some of them that I see and talk to every day. Lois who leads the charge for the aerobics expansion, Wally the retired concrete contractor, Steve the retired Palm Springs Building Inspector and Bob the stone supplier and fabricator. In general, the home owners have been very positive and enjoy the daily progress and many comment – keep up the good work. The one thing I have learned in the last few months – these ladies lover their aerobics.

39-301 Badger Street Suite 300 Palm Desert, CA 92211 760-360-6632