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Anna Scott

Executive Assistant to Brian Orr, President/CEO / Marketing

Intelligent, Thoughtful, Personable

Anna Scott joined the ORR Builders team in December of 2008 and brought with her an array of talents that would help assist Brian Orr in ensuring his time is well-managed between clients and project needs.  As Executive Assistant (EA) to Brian, Anna can always be found on task and organized.  Her motivation to get the job done quickly and efficiently, creates a steady flow for Brian and the rest of the team to stay on task and complete their responsibilities in a timely manner. 

Professional experience 

Anna came to ORR Builders with 22 years of experience in professional business.  After college, with the knowledge of general business management, Anna found that she greatly enjoyed being the support and organizer behind a leader she believed in.  In 1993 while working for the Phoenix Suns, NBA, she found herself part of the move and Grand Opening of the Phoenix Suns new America West Arena (now Footprint Center) and in 1998 she took part in the opening of the Bank One Ballpark (now Chase Field) for the Arizona Diamondbacks. 

Moving from one desert to another, Anna began the position as Executive Assistant to Brian Orr in 2008.  As Brian’s EA, Anna is involved each of the team’s projects from conception to completion.  She completes and manages RFIs (Request For Information) and RFQs (Request For Qualifications) which are required to bid most projects, and prepares the Construction Contracts between ORR Builders and the Owner.  Anna assists in coordinating the bank lender requirements in the preliminary development stages and financial closeout to get the project started.  She is involved in the day-to-day operations along with the marketing side of the company and has assisted in the design and process of the website and brochures. She also prepares marketing information packages to send to clients and financial organizations.  Anna also enjoys creating the monthly Newsletter and getting the other Team members involved with it.  On the job, you can always find Anna striving to further herself by learning something new and embracing the clients ORR Builders serves.

Personal Life

Anna is someone who believes that your true character is revealed most in your actions and conduct when you don’t think anyone is watching. She strives to at all times do her best in every situation that presents itself by keeping her sense of humor and having a positive attitude.  Anna finds strength in her family and faith in God and holds them both close to her heart.