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Jeanette Perez

Customer Service

Friendly, Diligent, Compassionate

Jeanette Perez joined the ORR Builders Team in 2017 and because of her highly gifted people skills, she quickly became the company’s Customer Service Representative to ORR’s many valued clients. Jeanette interacts with the clients from conception of a project all the way to completion. Additionally, she is responsible for providing ORR’s clients with their project close-out documents, consisting of as-built plans, submittals, and warranty documents. This is a key element to ORR’s consistent promise of customer satisfaction and building and maintaining successful relationships. As Project Coordinator, Jeanette assists the project manager, superintendents, architects, subcontractors and owners with plans, submittals, and meeting notes.

Professional Experience

Jeanette worked for Marcoa Publishing, as San Diego based mailer house that specializes in captive audience communities, such as military bases and country clubs. As a highly successful sales person, she quickly rose to the position of sales manager. Jeanette was responsible for training, mentoring, and problem-solving an array of difficult sales decisions that included methodology and work schedules. She also was involved in the company’s creative decisions, and traveling to many parts of the country to establish business ties.

Personal Life

Jeanette and her husband Andy have 4 children. She is very involved in her local church, and loves games, sewing, garage sailing, and all types of people.