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23792 Marguerite Parkway
Mission Viejo, CA 91730
59,052 sq. ft. Senior Assisted Interior T.I.
10,962 sq. ft. Terrace Floor
24,123 sq. ft. First Floor
23,967 sq. ft. Second Floor

The Atria Del Sol interior scope-of-work consisted of selective demolition of building elements and finishes to accommodate remodeling all common and public areas as well as some back of house areas. Work specifically, ORR's scope of work included remodeling and/or creating new; the main lobby and reception area, administrative offices, main and private dining rooms, bistro, activity and living rooms as well as fitness center, cognitive learning center, beauty salon, mail room and a wellness center consisting of exam and medical room. Additionally, ORR's scope included remodeling the staff break room, public rest rooms and laundry rooms.

ORR's contract included removal of three existing stair towers and infilling of same to create additional floor space for apartments, offices and or other common area spaces. ORR constructed a new stair and elevator tower, together with a new elevator serving all three floors. The work included upgrading the existing elevator cab finishes, remodeling all the common corridors including those serving tenant apartments. ORR also made substantial upgrades to existing mechanical, electrical, plumbing, life safety, phone, data and other low voltage systems.

As is common with other Atria redevelopment projects; remodeling Atria Del Sol included the creation of a fully self-contained memory care unit known as the Life Guidance Neighborhood to serve the tenants having special memory care needs. The Hillcrest's Life Guidance Neighborhood is located on the second floor and consists of 29 new apartments, prep and demonstration kitchens, living, dining and activity rooms and laundry, medical and restroom facilities. To provide an outdoor environment for the LG Neighborhood ORR remodeled and enclosed an existing exterior deck area of approximately 800 square feet with a glass and wrought iron exterior wall. The LG kitchen is served by a new dumbwaiter connected to the main kitchen located on the first floor.

Many thanks go out to all ORR employees involved with this project as it was truly a joint Team effort to complete this very challenging project.

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